The purpose of this class is to provide notary signing agents with the information they need to confidently handle residential real estate transactions and to do so in a manner that fosters both an understanding of the documents presented and creates a comfortable experience for the parties in attendance.

By notary signing agent, we are talking about the professional that presents the mortgage paperwork to the parties for the transaction. This paperwork is necessary for the transfer of title and to create the mortgage loan that typically provides the bulk of the financing for the buyer. The notary signing agent’s goal is to summarize each document in such a manner that doesn’t incite further review.

Closings are 20% documents and 80% rapport.

As you will be shown in this course, the documents are generally the same. It is the people that will change from closing to closing.

A smart notary signing agent knows the documents well. They may vary by lender and title company but, at their core, they are essentially the same. Conversely, the people at every closing are different and the true art of running a successful settlement comes from connecting with each person at the table and presenting the documents to them in a way that makes sense for them. It is critical to instill confidence in the parties and creating the necessary rapport to create the right experience for the parties.

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