Florida Remote Online Notary Course (2 Hours)

RON Certification

You will need to take and pass this 2-hour Florida State approved course to become a Remote Online Notary (RON). In addition to this class, State also requires a 25k RON Bond and 25k RON E&O to become a RON.

For more information on RON packages, please visit CYNANOTARY.COM.

Your Instructor

Cynthia Alexander
Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander founded Cynanotary in March 2008 with the objective of helping individuals achieve financial freedom by becoming Notary Publics. As part of this ongoing objective, she generously shares her expertise by educating and providing notaries and small businesses with the resources needed to succeed in this field.

Some of Cynthia’s record setting accomplishments in the Notary field over the past eight years include:

  • Creating Privacy Protection Plus© to protect the public’s private information in a notary’s journal, which is published and in the Library of Congress;
  • Testified before the Florida Senate to make the Notary Journal mandatory;
  • One of ten nationwide Electronic Notary Processors for the state of Florida;
  • Nationwide Notary Signing Company with more than 40,000 notaries, including multi-lingual notaries;
  • Certified SCORE (Senior Core of Retired Engineers) Mentor Volunteer;
  • Founder of Florida Association of Notaries, Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization created to help the less fortunate;
  • Teaching Notary as a Business.

Cynthia believes that there is no ‘I’ in TEAM. “Without my great business partner and support team there would not be this awesome Cynanotary company.”

Cynthia is a former computer manager/designer in the marine industry with over thirty years of experience.

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